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Your guide to uncovering hidden gems.

We take you on a journey of exploration and discovery! If you're a traveler or local looking for new and exciting spots to explore, then you're in the right place. Our blog is dedicated to sharing our love of Downtown Kingston and our passion for discovering hidden gems around.

We believe that Downtown Kingston is more than just visiting popular tourist destinations; it's about immersing yourself in the local culture, meeting new people, and discovering the unique and unexpected. That's why we're committed to exploring off-the-beaten-path spots and sharing our discoveries with you.

Treat Mom Like a Queen: Spa, Brunch, and Floral Ideas for Mother’s Day

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on and Downtown Kingston is the perfect place to pamper mom in May! Whether it’s a special brunch, a spa visit, or flowers, here is a curated list of places downtown to make mom feel extra special this Mother’s Day.

- Tianna Edwards

My Stay at the Frontenac Club

In downtown Kingston on the corner of William Street and King Street, you’ll discover a building that has been a bank, a boarding house, and an exclusive gentlemen's club that now stands as Kingston’s most distinctive boutique hotel, The Frontenac Club!

- Sierra Saikaley

Downtown Kingston where Students are vibing!

Welcome to Kingston. We’re sharing all the coolest spots to hit up for a good time in downtown Kingston, whether you're looking for a chill brunch, a night out with friends, a cozy study session, or a fancy dinner. Let's dive into the must-visit places!

- Rosalyn Gambhir

The Smith Hotel: Where History Meets Modern Luxury

If you’re looking for a unique and quintessential Kingston accommodation, The Smith Hotel is the spot for you. I had the pleasure of staying at the Smith recently and was absolutely delighted by the luxurious and thoughtfully curated space.

- Tianna Edwards

Savour and Shop: The Perfect Day Downtown

Downtown Kingston is a Hallmark greeting card this time of year.

The large lit Christmas tree behind City Hall, framed by the picturesque old buildings, and cozy restaurants - photo opportunities everywhere you turn. If you’re not in the holiday spirit, one afternoon spent strolling downtown Kingston will absolutely put you in a festive mood. I’m going to take you through my perfect shopping day spent downtown for a little inspiration as we countdown to Dec 25th.

- Tianna Edwards

This Entrepreneur is Curating Joy with ‘Happy Thoughts’

Welcome to the heart of downtown Kingston, where joy and creativity come together at Happy Thoughts! In this vibrant and charming shop, you'll find an assortment of quirky greeting cards, delightful books, puzzles, jewelry, a kid's section that sparks the imagination, and a variety of gifts that’ll simply make you smile and take you back to your childhood.

- Rosalyn Gambhir

Birdgirl Arts: Where Creativity and Community Meet

As the season begins to change, it’s exciting to think of the summer days ahead spent on the patio sipping ice-cold sangrias. But we’re not there yet. The longer, sunnier days do make me crave a little more social time and need to spark my creativity, though!

- Tianna Edwards

Embrace the Season: 10 Things to do in February in Downtown Kingston

Downtown Kingston is one of those magical storybook places where there’s always something to experience, no matter the season. Whether you’re cozying up around the outdoor fire pits after your skate, experiencing the cultural Lunar New Year festivities, or taking in the art scene with renowned film festivals- Downtown Kingston is the place to be in February.

- Faith Casselman

Planning a Low Waste Celebration: removing the excess to find the joy

The Internet has really made us take a step back from the essentials, eh? Pinterest, advertising alongside the weather report, Instagram highlights and "look books" in our emails. Celebrations are one of the areas that get overcrowded with comparison fatigue, too much waste, and too much pressure to make things perfect that they can be well... less than meaningful and joyful, at the end of it all.

- Ange Buck

Fall for Fashion with these Thrifty Autumn Picks

Searching for hidden gems and finding nostalgia in a pile of cozy sweaters. Shopping vintage and thrift finds is a beautiful eco-friendly way to reduce landfills and support the community. Now, it’s a perfect time to refresh the wardrobe.

- Tianna Edwards

Free Ways to Start Sustainable Living

With the rising cost of everything else and the need to conserve our finances where we can. Things have to change, but how? It doesn’t have to be as difficult as all of that - finding the magical “diamond” item to buy.

- Ange Buck

The Mother of all Treat Days.

The countdown to Mother’s Day is on, as a rookie mom (my kids are four and one years old), I only have a few Mother’s Days under my belt but I have a few thoughts on how I would like to celebrate.

- Tianna Edwards

Blooming Beautyat LSP Designs Flower Studio

Welcome to downtown Kingston, where tucked away amidst the bustling streets lies a haven of blossoms, colours, and fragrances. Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to LSP Designs Flower Studio and its incredible owner, Leanne Parcher.

- Rosalyn Gambhir

Spring into Self-Care: A Day of Pampering and Shopping in Downtown Kingston.

There are plenty of ways to indulge in a little self-care just that right here in downtown Kingston.

- Rosalyn Gambhir

A Weekend Staycation for Your Tastebuds.

Let’s take your taste buds on an expedition to locally owned, drool-worthy restaurants and shops.

- Rosalyn Gambhir

Let’s Shop, Eat & Drink in Vibrant Downtown Kingston.

Your next adventure is all about indulging in drool-worthy dishes and exploring the vibrant streets of downtown Kingston.

- Rosalyn Gambhir

The Frontenac Club.

Here's your exclusive look at the newly renovated historic Frontenac Club located in downtown Kingston.

- Rosalyn Gambhir

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