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Building Community Together

Volunteer for Downtown Kingston

The Board and staff at Downtown Kingston BIA believe in building community together. Our businesses invest their time, money, skill and expertise to create one of the most authentic, diverse and vibrant downtowns in Canada. Volunteering is one way to support them. By volunteering with us, you become a vital part of a dynamic team dedicated to promoting, improving, and fostering a welcoming environment for businesses, employees, residents, and visitors alike. Our volunteers play a crucial role in our ongoing efforts to create a vibrant and prosperous downtown community.

We offer a range of volunteer opportunities tailored to suit various interests and skills. Whether you're passionate about event organization, marketing, beautification projects, or simply being a friendly ambassador for our downtown, there's a place for you in our volunteer family. When you join the Downtown Kingston BIA volunteer team, you'll gain valuable experience, form lasting connections with fellow community members, and develop a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that your efforts contribute directly to the continued growth and success of our downtown. You'll also have access to a supportive network of like-minded individuals, and together, we'll make a tangible difference in the heart of our city.

Our volunteers are essential in the production of numerous events and initiatives organized by Downtown Kingston BIA throughout the year. From helping out at lively street festivals and concerts to assisting with beautification projects, your involvement will enrich the experience of everyone who visits and resides in downtown Kingston. We invite you to become a part of our dedicated volunteer team and help shape the future of our vibrant downtown community.

Friendships were made. Laughter was frequent.

31 Flowerbeds Planted by Volunteer Team

We had an amazing 3 days of planting with over 35 volunteers showing up to help plant 32 flowerbeds in downtown Kingston. Friendships were made. Laughter was frequent. Dirty knees and hands were par for the course. We couldn't have asked for better weather with cool mornings and tolerable afternoon heat. Thanks for Potters nursery for their contribution, expertise and dedication to the very last bag of mulch.

And of course the project could not have been realized but for the generous sponsors of each flowerbed.