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Birdgirl Arts: Where Creativity and Community Meet

By Tianna Edwards

As the season begins to change, it’s exciting to think of the summer days ahead spent on the patio sipping ice-cold sangrias. But we’re not there yet. The longer, sunnier days do make me crave a little more social time and need to spark my creativity, though!

Besides grabbing a bite at one of the many great downtown Kingston restaurants, I appreciate a little art workshop or craft night with friends to fill my social cup. Artist Sasha Jiminez French of Birdgirl Arts has the perfect spot to host even the most beginner-level art enthusiast at her studio, The Loft, above the Antique Emporium on Princess Street.

French explains what she loves about her studio, “The loft is a blooming space that I’m still surprised by everyday. Part working studio, part emerging gallery/workshop /creative hang out. I love the unpredictability of the day. A quiet shop means uninterrupted painting and creating. Busy days bring friends, strangers, and surprising connections.”

If you have yet to drop into her studio, I recommend a trip! Sasha captures the vibrancy of her Cuban heritage in big, beautiful oil and acrylic pieces that are displayed throughout The Loft.

Each painting is colourful and warm, her space always makes me smile, and her joyful spirit is very contagious, too.

While we wait for mother nature to thaw, her space is the place to be while fantasizing about hot summer days. Her work varies from hot-pink landscapes to multi-coloured portraits and intricate tropical flowers.

And you can bring a bit of her lively aesthetic home with you, too, if you join one of her workshops!

Get inspired by the incredible way she captures moments and memories on canvas. She will be offering workshops throughout the spring, but if you’re looking for team-building or a night out with friends, you can also book a private art workshop with French at The Loft.

Her workshops include themes like: Acrylic Portrait, Disco Ball painting, Plants You Can’t Kill and she has even done collaging workshops in the past.

“It’s been beautiful to see other artists use the space alongside my practice. Meg Lapointe and I are so joyful to have this community space and love supporting Kingston’s emerging artists,” French adds.

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Birdgirl Arts is a staple of Downtown Kingston’s thriving arts community. On April 5, 2024 Downtown Kingston celebrates downtown’s renowned artists with Art After Dark- an annual event when galleries and art-centric shops keep their doors open late for one vibrant evening of all things art.  

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Where: 77 Princess Street, Floor 2, Kingston, Ontario 

Tianna Edwards

Tianna is a wife and mom of two young kids with a day job as an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Coordinator at Queen's. She takes pride in living in Kingston and loves celebrating all things local (mostly food related!) through her blog, Keep up with Kingston. Follow Tianna's blog for more local food, culture and shop inspo. Get the latest from her over on instagram.

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