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Fashion for a Cause: How YGK Thrift & Almost Home Support Families

By Annalise Spratt

In the vibrant heart of Downtown Kingston, amidst the commotion and rush of living an urban lifestyle, two locales stand out for their exceptional dedication to shaping a narrative of compassion, support, and community resilience. An expression which is dominant in Kingston as the heart of Downtown is surrounded by local businesses, activities in the market square, and locals coming together to spread love and joy around the beautiful city.  


Almost Home, an organization whose mission is to provide support to families navigating the challenges of pediatric medical care, and YGK Thrift—a haven for timeless, affordable fashion weave together a tapestry of hope that stretches from the confines of hospital walls to the inviting aisles of a thrift store. 

Almost Home: A Home-Like Haven Beyond Hospital Walls  

Almost Home serves as a beacon of solace for families navigating the daunting challenges of pediatric medical care. Their mission goes beyond providing physical shelter; it encompasses creating a nurturing environment where families can have a breathing space from the sterile confines of hospital rooms. Within the walls of Almost Home, children are fortunate to experience a home-like setting, surrounded by their loved ones. This sanctuary not only aids in the healing process but also fosters a sense of normalcy amongst the often-overwhelming medical complexities that families are experiencing.

YGK Thrift: Fashion with a Heart

Complementing Almost Home’s mission is YGK Thrift, a haven for timeless and affordable fashion with a heart. What sets YGK Thrift apart from other thrift stores is its unique commitment to giving back to our community. With 100% of its sale proceeds dedicated to Almost Home, every purchase made at YGK Thrift becomes a tangible contribution to the collective effort of uplifting families with children who are undergoing medical treatment. The customers browsing through racks of pre-loved clothing aren’t just shopping for themselves; they are silently becoming partners in a noble cause, knowing that their purchase directly translates into support for families experiencing unimaginable circumstances.

Two Forces, One Community Impact

Almost Home and YGK Thrift exemplify the profound impact that collaboration can have on a community. While families find comfort and support in Almost Home, YGK Thrift empowers customers to make a meaningful difference through their shopping choices. Together, they embody the essence of compassion and solidarity.

In the aisles of YGK Thrift, amidst racks of fashionable finds, and within the comforting walls of Almost Home, the spirit of generosity and empathy echoes. It is a testament to the fact that we are indeed better together. Two paths towards one mission, building a future where community and support are most important. 

As this continues to touch the lives of countless individuals, I invite you to share your thoughts and stories. Whether you’ve experienced the impact firsthand or have been inspired by the spirit of giving, your voice adds to the chorus of support and solidarity.

A Little Insight from A Volunteer at Almost Home

My name is Kelly Scott and I have volunteered with Almost Home for the past eight years. I first became involved in Almost Home as a participant in the Gala many years ago. I thoroughly loved the event and wanted to become more involved with this valuable and essential charity. 

Through a friend who was on the Almost Home Board of Directors, I joined the Gala committee. Over the years we have seen many changes and upgrades to the event, seeing it change from a small event at a small venue to the event it is today. It is nothing but class and the attendees also help bring success to this worthy charity. I am honoured to be part of the fundraising committee. I have met many amazing people and learned a great deal.

At the Gala event, I am always touched to hear the story shared by a family that has used the services of Almost Home. Their journey is always one of perseverance and hope and always brings a tear to my eye. They are the reason we do this!

I encourage people to give to Almost Home in whatever way they can – whether it be volunteering for charity events, working at YGK Thrift store, collecting donations, or attending the events. Your time and thoughtfulness help so many people in need at a difficult time in their lives and the lives of their families & children. You will not regret helping as you will help change lives.” 

Almost Home

Where: 118 William St., Kingston

YGK Thrift

Where: 165 Princess St., Kingston

Annalise Spratt  

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