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A Q&A with The Jungle

By Tianna Edwards

If you’re a plant-lover you’ve probably already stepped into The Jungle, a shop on Brock street, serving up all of the beautiful green plants you can think of. Owner Melody Morrison shares why she opened her shop and what she loves about being a Downtown Kingston business owner.  

Owner Melody Morrison

Tianna: Tell me why you wanted to open The Jungle?  

Melody Morrison: I opened The Jungle to fulfill a dream of owning my own business since I was a little girl. The store allows me to be creative in design and be surrounded by plants all day long. It’s a place for me to connect with others that love plants and design just as much as I do. 


T: Why did you choose downtown Kingston?

MM: I chose Kingston because we could see just how much the downtown was revamping and getting some amazing stores. It’s the one Downtown that I’ve come across that I saw was thriving rather than letting the box stores take over. 

My husband and I both went to school at St.Lawrence College and were familiar with Kingston. I love the small-town feel this city has to offer. It seemed like the perfect fit for our young family that wanted to be a part of a growing city.  

T: What do you love about owning a business in Kingston? What are the benefits? 

MM: I just love owning a business. The other business owners downtown are absolutely amazing and supportive. Whenever I go into other stores the conversation usually leads to how to grow my business or promoting each other.

Having a business in Kingston has been great. Kingston attracts so many great groups of people. From students, young professionals, tourists or families there is always someone new coming through my doors. There is always an event happening that the city or other businesses have put on to bring people to the downtown core. 

T: What advice do you have to any budding entrepreneurs in Kingston? Any lessons you’ve learned that you’d like to share? 

MM: Some advice would be to take a moment and write out a plan of what you want your day to look like. Take a walk around and imagine yourself going to work every day and how you want that to feel. We spent a lot of time dreaming of what the perfect day looked like and we worked towards making the business fit within that. Growth comes from being uncomfortable and pushing yourself. 

" A lesson is to always be open to what comes your way. What you think your business will be may change with just one conversation or opportunity. Good or Bad – each is essential to growing a business."

- Melody

T: I have a cat so this question is self-serving. Do you have a list of plants that are best for cat owners to purchase? My cat eats most of my plants and some are poisonous! 

MM: Cats are hard but there are some! Most succulents are ok, Plams (minus sago), Fittonia, Ferns, Banana Plants, spider plant, Peperomia.

The Jungle

Est. 2017

Where: 82 Brock St., Kingston

Tianna Edwards

Tianna is a wife and mom of two young kids with a day job as an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Coordinator at Queen's. She takes pride in living in Kingston and loves celebrating all things local (mostly food related!) through her blog, Keep up with Kingston. Follow Tianna's blog for more local food, culture and shop inspo. Get the latest from her over on instagram.

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