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Food & Drink

A culinary journey around Downtown.

If you're passionate about good food, delicious drinks, and discovering new flavors and cuisines, then you're in the right place. Our blog is dedicated to sharing our love of food and drink with you, and we're excited to take you on a mouth-watering adventure.

So sit back, grab a drink, and join us on a delicious adventure. We're excited to share our passion for food and drink with you and we hope you'll join us on this culinary journey!

The Sweet Story of Mio Gelato and Churn Small Batch Ice Cream

These sister companies have woven their frozen delights into the fabric of downtown Kingston's dessert scene, so get ready to join me on a journey as I dive into the sweet story of how two delightful destinations are redefining frozen indulgence,one scoop at a time!

- Rosalyn Gambhir

Lay Low Café: Kingston's Newest Brunch Spot

Nestled on the vibrant intersection of Princess St and Sydenham St in downtown Kingston, Lay Low Cafe has burst onto the Kingston foodie scene, promising a laid-back atmosphere, chic interiors, and a menu that'll leave your taste buds dancing.

Opened in mid-November by Erica Braunstein, this brunch spot is destined to become a favourite for brunch enthusiasts of all ages.

- Rosalyn Gambhir

Summer Vibes and Patio Delights

It's time to kick off the season by exploring the vibrant downtown patios. From breakfast to brunch, lunch to dinner, there's a wide array of amazing venues to enjoy drool-worthy food and refreshing drinks.

- Rosalyn Gambhir

Mayla Branches Out Upstairs

Mayla Concept is known for serving up a dining experience that is a well-rounded sensory adventure. The food always delivers with a variety of textures and the atmospheres are a perfect balance of hip and cozy.

- Tianna Edwards

Cozy Fall Comfort Foods

We are well into fall, heading quickly into winter.The second the air gets cool, I am reaching for hot and hearty meals to warm me up from the inside.Many of my comfort food cravings can be found in Downtown Kingston from flavourful stews to slurp-worthy soups.If you tend to let the season dictate your diet, read my round up of foods that I believe are best served when the temps hit single digits and lower.

- Tianna Edwards

Top Local Foodie Favourites in Downtown Kingston.

Curated some of our favourite dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

- Rosalyn Gambhir

Kingston food tours captures culinary scene.

My Toronto friends would send me messages, “I had no idea Kingston had such incredible food?”

- Tianna Edwards

Have You Tried Sally’s Roti Shop?

Curry. Delicious curry. When I moved from Toronto friends would inquire, “How are you going to get your curry fix?”

- Tianna Edwards

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