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July 4 - 7, 2024

2024 Performer Applications are now open.

Kingston Buskers Rendezvous

Your jaw will drop! You will 'ooooooo'. You will 'aaaahhhh'. You will cheer. And you will laugh 'til it hurts. Just no spit takes, please!

What to expect at Kingston Buskers Rendezvous?

Multiple pitches on streets all over downtown.

Daytime Performances

We close the streets to traffic to make room for some unbelievable circle shows. Pick a spot on the curb or just stand in the crowd to catch some amazing afternoon entertainment. And don't forget, Buskers earn their living by "passing the hat", so when you enjoy their performance (and you will!), let them know when the hat is passed.

Busker Play

Head to Confederation Park Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00am - 1:00pm for 3 days of fun ... especially for the kids! Grab a seat on the bleachers or toss a blanket in the grass and settle in for the hilarity. Snacks highly recommended

Fire Show

We're turning up the heat on your Saturday night plans! Enjoy a red-hot display of burnin' busker talent as our highly-skilled performers light their hula hoops, whips, torches and more on fire. This show is not to be missed!

Grand Finale

Head to the Confederation Park stage on Sunday, July 9th at 6pm for your last chance to take in all the action. The finale is a true sampling of the festival's fun and talent, with proceeds from the hat benefiting the United Way's Success by Six program.

Meet the 2023 Lineup

Bex in


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Hula Hoop

From: Canada

Take a spin with Bex in Motion! A show that incorporates fire, comedy, acrobatics and mesmerizing hula hoop tricks. Spontaneous dance parties and outbreaks of fun and excitement for all ages! With her quirky, light-hearted attitude and ability to involve audience members, Bex puts on a show that is sure to move you!

After finding hoop dance through an after school program in teachers college, Bex and her hoop have been inseparable. After many years of practice she can now spin up to 50 hula hoops at once!



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Pole Climbing

From: Canada

Derek Derek The Fuzzy Juggler fills large spaces with jaw-dropping entertainment and epically hilarious banter the whole family will love. With 20+ years' experience in over 26 countries, Derek Derek will wow and amaze with Chinese pole climbing, fire juggling, comedy, and so much more!



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From: Canada

Rockabilly Joe can juggle 4 hats, 5 balls, 3 cups, a soccer ball, and torches on a tall unicycle, and that's only the first half of the show.

With his experience on the street, Joey’s show is enjoyed by all ages. Highly skilled in acrobatics and juggling, Joey brings a unique twist when he mixes both together. Joey prides himself on delivering a truly unique show with skills you wont see anywhere else. This show will have you consistently laughing while feeling nervous for Joey’s safety.

Seb and


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Whip Juggling

From: Germany

Sebastian “Seb” Whipits is a German whip performer with a relaxed presence and a charming personality who has paired up with a man of few words, but many amazing sounds, DJ Fritzz.

The show features whip cracking, whip juggling and an unbelievable duel fire whip finale all backed by DJ Fritzzz's vocal thaumaturgy.
“Verpassen Sie es nicht!”



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From: France

Surprise Effect specializes in live performance and entertainment. Through their shows, they seek to make urban culture accessible and attractive to all audiences, regardless of age, with a strong message that they want to convey: "mixing is a wealth".

They mix breaking, acrobatics and comedy. They defend the idea of ​​a show, where everyone shares a moment rich in emotions through a rhythmic, energetic and funny show . A participative show that delivers a positive message on human values.

The Street


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Hand-to-Hand Acrobatics

From: Canada

Everything spectacular about going to a modern circus and everything fun and spontaneous about street performing!

Daniel and Kimberly will bring the whole new circus experience to the street, performing over 100 tricks and stunts throughout the show, including cyr wheel, hand-to-hand acrobatics, hula hoops, handstands, contortion, fire juggling, and of course comedy!



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From: Canada

Acrobat, unicyclist, juggler, comedian, actor, public speaker, fire performer, Quinn's a jack of all trades that ticks nearly every box you could ask for.

The Mighty's Show is a high-level circus show featuring hand balancing, a chainsaw on top of a ten-foot unicycle, and original comedy with a message. Combining circus skill with his hit Ted Talk: “Journey of Independence.”

Performed in over 20 countries this show is guaranteed to be a hit regardless of location and circumstances.



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Comedy Juggling

From: Spain

A comedy vintage football show! Victor combines juggling with footballs, dancing, magic, comedy and audience interaction to create a show that is like a party on stage.

With 1000s of shows in 51 countries, Victor has received 25 awards internationally and been featured in the Guinness book of records over ten times. Never taking himself too seriously, he knows how to have fun and get the audience laughing with him.



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Extreme Pogo

From: USA

Extreme pogo, one wheel handstands, skateboard tricks, tiny bicycle, jump rope, tall unicycle juggle, and comedy is all part of Wacky Chad's show.

This one-man interactive stunt comedy show serves up a delightful entertainment experience. Hilarious, action-packed, and physically mesmerizing, WackyChad!’s charmingly funny jokes and wild antics will leave you roaring with laughter and applause in amazement. He fills the stage with big tricks and huge laughs!

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