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A beloved staple of Kingston is the over 8 kilometers of gorgeous waterfront along our shore filled with endless possibilities for adventure. Experience the complete wonders of the famous 1000 islands with dinner and a sunset cruise or chart your own adventure with kayak, paddle board, and boat rentals.

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With over 200 parks spotted throughout the Kingston area, there are countless playgrounds and green spaces for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a casual stroll, a game of fetch or a relaxing picnic you can find the perfect spot in Kingston.

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Experienced hikers and casual strollers will agree the trails running through the Kingston area are some of the best in Ontario. Beautiful sightseeing, thrilling adventure and thriving wildlife are just a few of the discoveries you’ll make when walking along a Kingston trail.


When cycling in Kingston you have easy access to multiple urban and rural cycling paths to enjoy. Take a ride through our beautiful downtown area or across the waterfront trail that’s home to some of the beautiful views in Kingston.

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Adventure awaits in Kingston! As the oldest & fastest growing city in Ontario, we’re a haven for history buffs looking to connect with Canada’s roots & thrill-seekers looking for their next adventure.