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August 23, 2024

Until Tunes 4 Tails

Free Admission

Celebrate the Kingston Humane Society with a Free Concert!

Bring your furry friends down to Springer Market Square on August 23rd to celebrate the oldest humane society in Canada's 140th anniversary! Springer Market Square will be rocking with a free concert, starting at 7 pm featuring Evan Rotella, The Wilderness, and Miss Emily.


7:05 pm
Evan Rotella
8:00 pm
The Wilderness
9:00 pm
Miss Emily

Meet the Artists

Evan Rotella

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Show at 7:05

Evan has been playing music live for nearly a decade already and has been writing songs for almost that long. In 2020 he released a vinyl 45 of his song “(If I Was A) Rockstar” which featured well-known Pittsburgh musicians, guitarist Danny Gochnour and keyboardist, Joe Munroe.

For the last 3 years he’s honed his musical chops playing festivals, theatres, patios, bars, and parties across the Niagara Region.

On September 28, 2023 Evan released his debut album with an all-star line-up entitled “Happy To Be Here” which is a collection of 10 original songs produced by Mark Rogers (LMT Connection) and Myles Rogers (Jin The Band).  

The Wilderness

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Show at 8 pm

The Wilderness is the lifelong dream of six rock n' roll devotees based in Kingston, ON. Together, they bring the piss and vinegar of young DIY road-dogs, the lyrical eloquence of Canada's folk heroes, and the musical grandeur of your dad’s favourite arena-rock band to any stage they can find. A musical tapestry of truest Canadian fashion, the Wilderness sounds like nostalgia, feels like camaraderie, and looks a lot like a band you should watch out for.

Their forth coming 2024 LP, “Strangers I Used to Love” was written in collaboration with JUNO panelist Steve Foley, Brett Emmons (the Glorious Sons), and Chris Koster (ex-the Glorious Sons) and sits poised to take the band to new heights and highways. With almost 600 independently booked shows across North America under their belt, and an independently released discography to their credit, the Wilderness are a formidable musical force and an unmistakably human band working hard to keep their dreams alive.

Miss Emily

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Show at 9 pm

From the Maple Blues Awards of 2020 to the 2022 JUNO Nominations - encapsulates all you need to know about Miss Emily. She specializes in overcoming insurmountable challenges and scaling metaphorical mountains. Her work ethic was forged in the foundries of Southern Ontario’s bars and nightclubs. Her resilience is a product of 20 years in an industry that can be, at best, “unfriendly” towards women. She has an innovative spirit and creative force born out of necessity, and her incomparable vocals are surpassed only by her electrifying, roof-rattling performances.


Experience the vibrant energy of the 34th Kingston Buskers Rendezvous! Join us for a weekend filled with incredible performances, hands-on activities, and thrilling rides. Here's what you can look forward to:

Daytime Performances

We close the streets to traffic to make room for some unbelievable circle shows. Pick a spot on the curb or just stand in the crowd to catch some amazing afternoon entertainment. And don't forget, Buskers earn their living by "passing the hat", so when you enjoy their performance (and you will!), let them know when the hat is passed.

Busker Play

Head to Confederation Park Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00am - 1:00pm for 3 days of fun ... especially for the kids! Grab a seat on the bleachers or toss a blanket in the grass and settle in for the hilarity.
Snacks highly recommended!

FREE RCAF Mini Plane Rides

Get ready for a high-flying adventure with the Royal Canadian Air Force!
What to Expect:

- Boarding Pass: Upon arrival, each child will receive a special boarding pass for their mini plane ride. This pass will make them feel like a true aviator!
- Gate Waiting Area: Just like at the airport, kids will wait at the designated gate area for their turn to board. Here, they can enjoy fun activities.
- Free Mini-Plane Rides: Once it's their turn, kids will board the mini-plane for a short, exhilarating ride, guided by experienced RCAF personnel.
Saturday, July 6 from 11 am to 5 pm
Sunday, July 7 from 11 am to 2 pm
Brought to you by:
Delta Hotels Kingston Waterfront, a downtown Kingston four-star hotel

Buskers Bootcamp

Unleash your child's creativity and talent at our Busker Bootcamp!
Designed for kids of all ages, this unique camp offers hands-on lessons in juggling with Kobbler Jay, beatboxing with Scott Jackson, and more.

Whether your child is a budding performer or just looking for a fun new hobby, our Busker Bootcamp is the perfect place to start.
Schedule coming soon!

Grand Finale

Head to the Confederation Park stage on Sunday, July 7th at 6pm for your last chance to take in all the action. The finale is a true sampling of the festival's fun and talent, with proceeds from the hat benefiting the United Way's Success by Six program.

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